Sanyuka TV Welcomes Immy Candace To Uncut Show

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Sanyuka TV Welcomes Immy Candace To Uncut Show

Sanyuka TV, Uganda’s premier mass-market television station, has exciting news for its viewers as it welcomes the charismatic Immy Candace as a show host on Uncut, one of its flagship shows, joining Sandra Lian, Hellen Menta and Brian Macona. 

Known for her vibrant presence and engaging personality, Immy Candace is set to bring a fresh energy to Sanyuka TV, further cementing the station’s reputation as a leader in Ugandan entertainment.

Immy Candace, who has previously made a significant impact as a presenter on local TV and Radio stations steps into her new role at Sanyuka TV with lots of experience and a loyal fan base. She is widely recognized for ability to captivated audiences with her presentation style and in-depth celebrity gossip coverage once the cameras start rolling.

Sanyuka TV, known for its diverse programming and commitment to quality Ugandan content, is excited to have Immy Candace on board. Her addition to the team is expected to enhance the station’s offerings and attract an even wider audience strengthening the station’s promise as the channel for the everyday Ugandan as indicated in their slogan “Ffe Banno Ddala”.

“I am incredibly excited to join Sanyuka TV.” said Immy Candace. “This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with viewers in new ways and bring exciting content to the Sanyuka TV audience. I look forward to creating memorable moments and sharing stories that matter from our entertainment industry.”

Be sure not to miss Immy Candace’s Uncut Debut. Stay tuned to Sanyuka TV every week nigh from 8pm and get for an exciting, informative and interesting dose of Immy Candace’s distinctive presenting style and energy alongside fellow Uncut show hosts.

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