Ben Anansi’s Electrifying East Africa Tour: A Cultural Bridge Supported By Next Radio

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Ben Anansi's Electrifying East Africa Tour: A Cultural Bridge Supported By Next Radio

Ben Anansi’s June tour in East Africa has taken the region by storm, with his listeners’ parties thrilling fans across the region. The Nigerian sensation performed at Guvnor Uganda on June 12, 2024, leaving the audience in awe. His latest EP, “ANANSI”, has been a massive success, with “Woman” becoming an anthem in East Africa.

Next Radio, a leading radio station in Uganda, has thrown its weight behind Ben Anansi’s tour, championing his music and celebrating the cultural exchange between Nigeria and East Africa. 

“By being a part of this international collaboration, Next Radio can increase its audiences by speaking to people, not only locally, but across borders through something powerful like music! Ben Anansi possesses a good catalogue of high-quality international music, which Next Radio champions within Uganda. Furthermore, the opportunity to open lines of collaboration for Ugandans outside of our borders, and therefore exporting our culture providing a source of inspiration & pride for all Ugandans,” said Timothy Bhatia, Next Radio Brand Manager.

Ben Anansi’s unique sound, blending reggae, hip-hop, and Afrobeats, has resonated with the East African audience, and his music is being hailed as a breath of fresh air in the region. The tour is a testament to the strong relationship between Nigeria and East Africa, and how music can bridge cultural gaps and bring people together.

Next Radio’s support for Ben Anansi’s tour demonstrates its commitment to promoting international music and cultural exchange, making it a source of inspiration for all Ugandans. As the tour continues to thrill audiences across East Africa, Next Radio remains a proud partner, celebrating the power of music to unite and inspire.

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