Prominent Environmentalist Amb. Paul Flynn Partners With PAP To Plant One Million Trees, Fund Solar Systems Worth $25,000 In Kyaka II Refugees Camp

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The Chairman and Founding speaker of the Pan-African Pyramid (PAP) has confirmed the arrival of renowned environmental philanthropist and UN Peace Mission Ambassador, Paul Flynn to officiate the organization’s imminent journey to the Kyaka II Refugees settlement Camp scheduled for December 19, 2023.

The development was revealed in a media briefing held at Satellite Hotel in Kisaasi on Friday afternoon noting that Amb. Paul Flynn will lead this year’s trip codenamed ‘Christmas With Kyaka II Refugees 2023‘ as the Chief Guest.

Speaking during the media briefing, Mr. Irumba revealed that this year, the Pan-African Pyramid collaborated with Amb. Paul Flynn, a recipient of the Pan-African Pyramid Global Awards 2023 through his Gro Foundation which has embarked on a journey of planting over 250 million trees in Uganda by 2030 and one billion trees globally to curb impacts of climate change.

According to Mr. Irumba Amb. Flynn’s visit to the Kyaka II Refugee Camp serves as the kickoff for this ambitious project that will also expand to different sub regions in Uganda not only to save the environment but also to improve livelihoods.

During the media briefing, Amb. Flynn commended the Pan-African Pyramid for the annual aid to refugee camps across Uganda further articulating his vision to use climate finance to uplift vulnerable communities from poverty.

He not only committed to symbolic tree planting but also pledged to finance the planting of a million trees in the Kyaka II refugees settlement camp and solar systems valued at $25,000 will also be donated for rural electrification and other livelihood projects.

”Uganda is my home and as many people from around the world want to come back and bring knowledge back home to bring wealth to communities and give back what they have learnt. Gro Foundation is on a mission to plant one billion trees globally, we do this in Latin America, Sub Saharan Africa and South East Asia primarily but more importantly it’s our vision to use climate finance to uplift vulnerable communities out of poverty forever” Amb. Flynn said.

”Your Annual aid to refugee camps is a beautiful example of how climate finance can change the lives of communities. During this visit, we will bring relief aid and plant hundreds of trees but this is the beginning of an introduction and a long term relationship with this community. We want to committee to plant and fund a million trees with this community and use climate finance to bring long term income to this community” he emphasized.

Addressing queries regarding the viability of carbon offset certificates, Amb. Flynn elaborated the potential of the carbon market, underscoring the financial advantages for vulnerable communities in Africa noting that Uganda has an opportunity to play a significant role in creating a product that could generate revenue on the global market.

Meanwhile Mr. Irumba, a passionate and renowned Pan Africanist also re-encroached his appeal for environmental protection and a reiteration of the Pan-African Pyramid’s commitment to humanitarian endeavors.

He urged Africans to embrace the spirit of pan-Africanism, humanity, and solidarity, emphasizing the importance of returning to the fundamental principle of being their brother’s keepers but above all not focused on skin color but rather ideology.

The Pan-African Pyramid, a non-governmental organization in collaboration with various partners and well wishers has been actively executing annual relief aid initiatives during the Christmas season, targeting refugee camps across Uganda. The organization has successfully undertaken missions to Kiryandongo, Bidibidi, Rwamwanja, Nakivale, and others in previous years, extending assistance to those grappling with diverse challenges.

As part of this year’s initiative, Amb. Flynn was presented with the Pan-African Pyramid flag, symbolizing his pivotal role in the mission to bring relief aid, environmental conservation, and lasting change to the Kyaka II Refugee Camp.

On Tuesday 19th December 2023, Amb. Flynn will lead PAP team and his delegation from Bulgaria to deliver the relief packages to Kyaka II Refugee Settlement Camp located in Kyegegwa District in western Uganda.

According to current statistics, Kyaka II Refugee Settlement Camp is now a home to over 163,000 refugees from nine different countries with 60 percent of the refugees being young people and children while 25 percent being women.

For the above reason, the Pan-African Pyramid has consistently directed its relief efforts towards meeting the needs of the most vulnerable groups, particularly children and women.

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