Revealed: How Kampala ‘Court Fraudsters’ Hatched Plans To Blackmail Owiny Dollo, Top Judiciary Bosses To Cover Up Kisugu Land Saga

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A group of ‘city borns’, call them ‘court brokers’ has been exposed after their plan to malign the judiciary top bosses so as to arm-twist them to rule in favour of their clients in the ongoing court battle in Kisugu land has leaked!

In three audios obtained by TheSpy Uganda, three individuals are heard convincing a yet-to-be-identified city journalist to create a ”hot and breaking’ malice article hitting judiciary officials and share it widely to capture the attention of Chief Justice Owiny Dollo, Minister of Lands Sam Mayanja and Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja.

The duo identified as Andrew Kiryowa, Benia Akatukwasa, and another yet-to-be-identified person, believe that the above plan would enable them to grab the land of one Mutabingwa Tonny comprised in Kyadondo Block 244 Plots 8705, 8706, 8707, 8708, 8709, 8710, 8711, 8712, 8713, 8714 and 8715 land at Kisugu Kampala City, formerly Kyadondo Block 244, Plot 8328 land at Kisugu.

In one of the audios, Kiryowa is heard connecting the journalist to Akatukwasa who then gives him instructions on how rough and tough the article should be before promising to pay him heavily if the work is well executed.


”I have seen the article but it’s not breaking news, we want something that calls for attention and you need to say Judiciary in hot soup for conniving with land thieves or you can say judiciary hits land scandal or corrupt judicial officers steal people’s land worth billions of money. But in that article hit the secretary-general” permanent secretary” and CJ Dollo, money is a small thing we shall give you money because nothing is for free,” Akatukwasa shamelessly convinces the journalist.

Later, in another audio, Akatukwasa is heard informing his lawyer that he is related to Minister of ICT and National Guidance Chris Baryomunsi and therefore they should use him to push their plan to Prime Minister Nabbanja who will then summon Judiciary Permanent Secretary Pius Bijirimana and Chief Justice Owiny Dollo to respond to ”fraudsters” interests.

Background Of This Saga

This land saga stems from a ruling delivered on an applicant filed by Mutabingwa Tonny against; Kizito David, Nsubuga Angello, Kate Teddy, Kagwa Christopher, Namirembe Daphine, Nankye Justine, and Commissioner Land Registration.

In this application, Mutabingwa sought orders that an Interim Order of Injunction does issue restraining the respondents from staggering on his land comprised in Kyadondo Block 244 Plots 8705, 8706, 8707, 8708, 8709, 8710, 8711, 8712, 8713, 8714, and 8715 at Kisugu Kampala City, formerly Kyadondo Block 244, Plot 8328 land at Kisugu until the main application for Temporary Injunction is heard finally disposed of and that costs of the application be provided for.

In Court, all parties agreed that as far as interim applications for injunctions are concerned, there is a pending application for Temporary Injunction fixed before the same court.

The applicant in his affidavit stated that he bought the suit land from one Ndagire Annet and had the land registered in his name and that on 02/02/2023 took over possession of his land, graded the same, and fenced it off to begin carrying out developments, and that the same does not form part of the graveyard as respondents.

He told Court that he was shocked after a few days of his possession that the respondents were claiming beneficial interest over the suit land. He added that he is currently in possession of the suit land but continues to be inconvenienced by the respondents thus seeking the order of this court.

”If the application is not granted, the main application for Temporary Injunction and the main suit will be rendered nugatory. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respondents in their respective affidavits in reply stated that the suit land belonged to their late father Yosefu Nsubuga, and upon his demise, he was succeeded by their late brother G.R Nsubuga who was registered on the title as the Administrator on 21/07/1999 and passed on 19/06/2021 and by then there was no claim over the land.

It’s against the above background that Assistant Registrar of the High Court Land Division His Worship Kintu Simon Zirintusa delivered a ruling on 29/03/2023 in favour of Mutabingwa.

”From the evidence on record paragraph 9 of the affidavit in support, the applicant took over possession of this suit land, graded it and fenced it off and put private security on 02/02/2023 and the respondents state that the applicant invaded the land on 04/03/2023 and fenced it off until the Minister intervened and ordered the applicants workers to leave the land and ordered police to guard the same but all show that the applicant is in possession as he graded the same and fenced off the land having been ordered to stop his activities does not imply that the suit land was handed to the 1st to 3rd or 4th respondents as there is no evidence to that effect.”

”The status quo is that the applicant took possession of the suit land, fenced it off and that is the status quo to preserve. it is important to issue an Interim Order not to render the main application nugatory. Application is therefore granted as prayed with costs in the cause.”



It’s now beloved that after failing to win the court battle, the respondents resorted to hiring court brokers to malign judicial officers so as to arm-twist them to rule in their favour.

Meanwhile, in our attempts to get a response from the suspects allegedly heard in their audios Mr Benia Akatukwasa on telephone number 0782806… said he was busy and immediately hung up the call after introducing ourselves as investigators from TheSpy Uganda. And since then our repeated calls to him went unanswered.

The story is not different from his colleague Mr. Kiryowa Andrew telephone number 07793148… who hadn’t picked up our calls by press time. 

A Screenshot Of Our Calls To Mr Kiryowa.

Source: Spy Uganda

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