President Museveni’s Chief Mobilizer Hajjat Namyalo Resigns Amidst NRM Party Struggles

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President Museveni's Chief Mobilizer Hajjat Namyalo Set To Resign Amidst NRM Party Struggles

The latest from our reliable corridors of powers shows that president Museveni’s female bull-dozer, the National Coordinator for ‘Bazzukulu Ba Museveni’ and Head of the Office of the National Chairman of NRM, Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Huzei, is set to resign from Museveni’s Kyambogo offices, if what our spy eavesdropped yesterday at Kyambogo is anything to go by.

For a long while now, there has been under lying burning fire and fued within the National Resistance Movement Circles being caused by infighting amongest Museveni’s highly placed workers in various offices as preparations for the forthcoming elections of 2026 nears. At the commencement of this political cycle 2021-2026, rumors from the corridors of powers within the State House highlighted that the old man was ready to hand over power in effect of the long-awaited transition.

But later on the country witnessed the pressure groups within the NRM with some fronting the President’s son Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba as their choice for succession. But the public in 2022 woke up to a surprise appointment of Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Huzei who immediately organized a faction of the youth in the NRM code-named the Bazzukulu and executed endorsements of President Museveni across different parts of the country.

Namyalo later last year added empowerment activities where she started supporting youth grappling with unemployment with wealth creation equipment that like welding machines, popcorn machines among others. Recently last week on Friday, Hajjat held her activity in Masaka City at Kasana Playground where ghetto youth from 10 districts comprising of Greater Masaka were supported with capital items for start-ups.

Truth is Namyalo has revived the reputation of NRM’s Museveni in mostly Busoga, Central regions where her office has effected a series of empowerment activities. Our undisclosed insider sources in the State House and NRM circles have however revealed that for the last three months, ONC has not been financially supported to meet its day-to-day operations. This has prompted the coordinators at ONC to seek redeployment at the National Patriotism Corps headed by MS Hellen Seku and others joining the RDC fraternity in the most recent Assistant RDC appointments.

“But you see, very resourceful people like Ian Gumisiriza, Moses Kiwanuka among others have since left. Infact, Ian is now with Commissioner Seku,but these were some of the brains that would plan and execute with Hajat, the issue is that the office is not being facilitated yet we do a lot of work for Muzei,” one of the disgruntled staff there told our reporter.

According to our well placed spy within, there is a well-choreographed strategy specially designed inside the power center to finish off Namyalo, whom they see as a threat. “According to these people, Namyalo has gained Museveni’s trust and attention so fast, a thing that has started jeopardizing their own works inside. As we go into full-scale electoral cycle, if Namyalo is not tamed earlier, she may take the biggest budget for campaigns to their detriment,” added our source.

ONC’s well organized major events that filled up Kololo ceremonial grounds in remembrance of the Katonga Heroes and Ramadhan fete turned into a big threat to Namyalo’s nemesis, and now Political observers say Museveni has regained the people’s support relating to his practical empowerment strategies through Namyalo’s office while also eating into the National Unity Platform Central Region popularity.

Namyalo is known for her boldness in attacking corrupt officials in the NRM government, marketing the brand of the ONC, and its head President Museveni, and drawing back President Museveni to the political discussions as a potential candidate for 2026. This, however comes with a huge cost, mafiaso are fighting back by ensuring that she is either kicked out of office or her budget frustrated till she no longer has capacity to execute what she does best. But those close to her say, she may instead resign and return to her legal and other private business if they continue frustrating her, unless Muzei does some magic.

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