Love Melodies And Culinary Bliss: How Fairway Hotel Mesmerized Couples With Unforgettable Valentine’s Day With Afrigo Band

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For those who wisely chose to spend the night of February 14th at Fairway Hotel, it will forever linger as a memorable evening in their hearts. The enchanting combination of Afrigo band’s love ballads, a delectable 4-course menu, the serene ambiance by the poolside at the Coco Bar, and the sight of elegant couples made Wednesday night at Fairway Hotel unforgettable.

As early as 6pm, the Coco Bar gardens and the Asian fusion sections were brimming with love as couples shared pleasantries in all red painted environment.

Among the distinguished guests was the State Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Hon. Godfrey Kabyanga and his beautiful wife who trekked all the way from the Rwenzori mountains in Kasese to Fairway Hotel in Kampala.

Another eye-catching couple of the night was the “Romantic Mukiga,” the evening show host on KFM. Hailing from Kigezi Sub-region, known for measuring love by the strength of one’s chest, he lived up to his title with a captivating presence.

Fairway Hotel’s Valentine’s Day celebration was a blend of intimacy and captivating tunes from Afrigo band. From Rachel Magoola’s rendition of her classic hits like “Obangaina” to the expertly crafted 4-course dinner by Fairway Hotel’s culinary team, featuring delicacies and exquisite desserts accompanied by wines and champagne, the night was a feast for the senses.

As Afrigo band serenaded with soulful ballads, couples took to the dance floor, creating cherished memories in the romantic ambiance. The impeccable service from Fairway Hotel’s staff, attending to each couple’s needs added to the feeling of luxury and pampering experienced by all.

As the night concluded, couples departed with a sense of fulfillment, having encountered a sophisticated Valentine’s Day celebration that intertwined gourmet candlelight dining, soulful music, and the romantic atmosphere crafted by Fairway. It was an evening marked by love, music, and the magic of a truly special Valentine’s Day at Fairway….

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