Katanga Murder Case Takes New Twist As Police Detectives Intercept Molly Katanga’s Plans To Flee Uganda Into Exile

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As investigations continue into the gruesome murder of city businessman Henry Katanga on November 2, 2023. Katanga`s death has unveiled hidden controversies, speculation and suspicions with unresolved mystery on what exactly happened.

The latest updates indicate that President Museveni’s son in- law Geoffrey Kamuntu, Ex- husband to Museveni’s last born, Diana Museveni had reportedly hatched a plan to have Molly Katanga escape the country into exile by road via Nairobi.

Inside sources reveal that Geoffrey Kamuntu tried to convince the security detail deployed at IHK to monitor Molly that he wanted to take her for a Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan at Ruby Hospital in Kololo. According to sources, Kamuntu wanted to use this chance to whisk away Molly Katanga out of IHK as though they are going for MRI at Ruby, then use the most opportune time to transit her stealthily by road to Nairobi then from there connect to Europe.

”Now, there’s a covert plan to attempt an escape route through Ruby hospital under the guise of an MRI and ensure Molly leaves the Country. She did indeed leave IHK to Ruby hospital and was returned to IHK. Funny thing is that she can be wheeled to another facility but not to court because she’s not on any life support machine”, Our Spy intercepted a conversation within the security circles.

According to our reliable sources, after learning Kamuntu’s move, some security operatives in plain clothes intervened with a section of Police detectives and offered to provide their own ambulance van under police escort to Ruby’s Hospital, to which Kamuntu declined to have Molly on the police ambulance.

It’s at that time that Police’s Dr. Moses Byaruhanga was called in to save the situation and the police stuck to their guns not to let Molly be handled as an ordinary patient but instead as a suspect on a murder charge who should never leave hospital unless guarded by police armed escorts, sources added. Indeed Molly was escorted to Ruby’s and returned in a security convoy and is heavily guarded at IHK.

Prior to his death, Henry Katanga had confined in his sister Naomi Nyangweso that he felt unsafe, being trailed and followed everywhere by ill hearted people whose motive was not known.

“He felt so fearful of his life,” Naomi Nyangweso told mourners at their country home then.

“I’m being trailed. Even here, I feel I am followed.” He had called Naomi in Bugoloobi for a quick talk. These words came after Naomi asked why he was using a cab instead of driving his car.

“I know you have a knack to complain about everything. I beg of you Naomi, keep your mouth shut for once. Even at the wedding, please ignore anything strange. Don’t talk about anything,” Naomi said while revealing her last words with Henry Katanga.

Whereas his biological daughter and wife (widow now) rushed to attach the cause of death to domestic violence, his other close relatives claim family property is the cause of his death, something that has left the family extremely divided as the prime suspect, Molly Bunanukye Katanga remains in IHK.

Geoffrey Kamuntu and Diana Museveni during their good days.

It’s worth remembering that Majorie Nyangweso while at Nakawa Court last Monday revealed to journalists that Molly’s handlers had bribed some security personnel to protect her from facing justice by keeping her in hospital to elude justice.

“Let us even believe that she’s sick. That can’t stop the state from preferring charges against her and then she automatically becomes a property of Uganda prisons, meaning that she would now be a suspect and treated as such. It’s the prison officials that would be in-charge of her security at the hospital bed by now. That’s not the case now at IHK. In fact, You heard it well from the office of the DPP that her investigators are barred from accessing her,” Marjorie said.

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